Alison Wright One Tiny Biz

Hi there, I’m Alison Wright. I’m the creator of One Tiny Biz.

I started my first work from home business 15+ years ago. I already had an MBA and several years of experience as a business consultant.

None of this helped.

You can read the books and point out what’s wrong with other people’s startups. It’s just not the same as doing it yourself. You learn how to run businesses… by running businesses.

⚡ As soon as you flip the sign to open on your brand new tiny business you’ll be seen as prey. The vultures will start to circle.

If you’re lucky, it will just be some local business adviser, funded by the government. Guys in suits, offering advice to justify their large paychecks. All from their cozy, fully employed, positions.

If you’re unlucky, it will be anyone who thinks they can tap you for money. It used to be photocopier salesmen. These days, your inbox will fill up with “must-have opportunities” kicking off with the latest “spend x get x ads for free” offer from Google AdWords.

Start getting used to pressing delete.

I started my first business when my son was young. It was a great way to be home when he came back from school.

💠 I’ve launched a clothing brand and run a bricks and clicks store. Success hasn’t always been easy, but I grew one tiny business from a few hundred pounds investment to a 7 figure turnover.

It’s was a side hustle in a town of less than 2000 people, somewhere near the Scottish border. The shop was so small you couldn’t swing a cat in it. Using the power of the internet, the business grew to support several local families.

Times change and after 12 memorable years, I called it a day. Led by Amazon, my branded outdoor clothing sector had become a battleground for discounters. Sometimes you have to know when it’s time to move on.

💚 Now, 3 years later I run four different blogs and have the freedom to work where I want. Two of my blogs are aimed at helping other work from home lovers. This one for tiny business startups and my blog Simply Hatch which helps people make money from blogging.

I don’t run adverts on these two blogs and most of my material I give away for free. If you enjoy my material please support me by using my affiliate links to buy products. Just in case you’re wondering, I only recommend products I personally use myself!

You can contact me alison(at)onetinybiz (dot)com. I only respond to genuine questions from readers.