Easy Business To Start From Home (Do They Even Exist?)

Just think about it. An easy business to start from home? Surely if such a thing exists everyone would be jumping on the bandwagon? We would all be millionaires and world poverty would be a thing of the past!

Well if you’re an eternal optimist and believe there’s a magical solution in life just waiting for you to stumble upon, that’s fine. If you find the easy win that changes your life and allows you to work from home with no effort, please let me know. Tell all and I’ll share it with the world…

In the meantime I’m going to talk about an easy business to start with a dose of reality thrown in. I’m sorry if it’s not what you’re looking for. By all means go and chase a unicorn (and come and tell me when you find one).

What Is An Easy Business To Start From Home?

I have an MBA. I’m not bragging about it. It’s from a top UK University and it’s still one of the most worthless qualifications I have. Right up there with my Queen’s Guide Award. (I didn’t even get to meet the Queen for all that hard work. All that camping out in the rain, making pointless gadgets out of wood and all I got was a tiny badge I had to sew onto my uniform).

Easy business to start from home
What’s an easy business to start from home?

But going back to the MBA, we did learn about entry costs to starting a business. In MBA speak, entry costs are the startup business costs. If the entry costs are low, it’s an easy business to start.

Now I’m not saying that’s my definition of an easy business to start. It just means, if you have a business that’s making lots of money, one that only costs a small amount of money to start, other people will notice. It’s human nature to want a slice of the pie.

On the other hand, if you’re in an industry where the entry costs are huge, such as the aerospace industry, you might as well be invisible. No-one goes around saying: “Boeing makes lots of money, I’m going to start one of those tomorrow”. There are no viral posts going round saying “You too can start an aerospace business – download my free course to start today”.

So an easy business to start in MBA speak is one that doesn’t cost much money. One that anyone can start, from anywhere…

If It’s An Easy Business To Start, Won’t Everyone Be Doing It?


That’s why an easy business idea doesn’t really exist.

If a business idea had low startup costs AND could be started with very little effort, everyone would be doing it. But again, if you’re the type of person who believes in unicorns, keep looking.

This is the nub. Easy business ideas still require hard work. I haven’t found a successful business owner yet who didn’t have a strong work ethic.

Easy entry means lots of competition. You need to find a way to stand out above the crowds. Coming up with an idea that’s just a little bit different, or finding and building your little slice of a big market.

Where Do I Start Finding My Easy Business Idea?

I can give you a bit of help here. I’ve written a whole post about businesses you can start with very little money. You can also download my FREE start a business checklist.

Got your guide? My favorite easy business to start from home ideas all involve making money online. You may have guessed by now, by easy, I just mean a business anyone can start. You still have to put in the hard work.

How People Used To Start A Business

In the olden days, before the internet, people would start tiny businesses in their home town, offering services to people they knew or starting up a small shop.

Finding an easy business to start from home was… well easy. These businesses often just made a living and needed big time commitments.

I used to have a bricks and clicks business. The “bricks” part of my business, the High Street store, took up 50% of business time and yet made only 10% of the income.

This still happens.

It’s just that today most people shop online. Apart from haircuts, dog walking or plumbers, people even buy most services online.

Your little shop on the High Street selling knick knacks has been sucked dry by giant corporations. It’s the era of Amazon.

Wave goodbye to those cute little Mom and Pop shops. They’re going the way of the dinosaurs. Today’s successful start ups all involve a business website.

How People Start A Business Today

There’s a myth that to sell online you need a big global presence. An idea that unless you’re a household name you can’t make a living.

This is so wrong.

There are scores of tiny businesses, often run by someone working from home in their spare bedroom, that you will never hear of. Businesses that are making a good living.

Many of these tiny businesses have no chance of being a household name and it doesn’t matter. They’ve carved out a good living in their little slice of the internet.

And you can to.

It doesn’t take any special skills to start a business online. You don’t even need a unique idea. You just need to add your own twist to an existing idea and build a targeted audience. The twist can be niching down or adding your own personality.

Niching down means finding a slice of the internet where you can stand out. For example, you’re a fitness instructor. It’s a really popular sector, so you look for a smaller slice where you can stand out. You end up targeting skinny men over 40 who want to build muscles.

Being specific means it’s easier to find customers who can relate to your website. People who’ll be interested in what you have to say.

The alternative? Building a strong brand by adding personality. Your message may be similar to other people’s but your style of writing and the look of your website all stand out.

But Is It Easy?

It isn’t difficult. If you have basic computer skills and can follow easy instructions, you can start your own website. Most people can manage to set up a template based website such as this one.

💚 I’m a big fan of WP Engine. I use their hosting for both this site and my site about blogging Simply Hatch. It’s not the cheapest, but if you’re serious about setting up a business it’s better to spend a little extra to get a reliable website.

WP Engine have the best support, incredibly fast hosting, plus you get a choice of the renowned StudioPress themes for free. Your website is your shop window on the World Wide Web. You can go for cheap hosting but it’s a bit like starting your business on a back street.

If you’re starting a blog, I do recommend some cheaper hosting options. I find most people start blogs as a side hustle. They’re not ready to make the leap to thinking about their blog as a business. You can get my FREE start a blog guide here.

Just Start

Are you the sort of person who spends hours and hours looking for easy ways to make money and never actually starts anything?

You want to change your life but instead of taking action you just spend a whole bunch of time ready other people’s success stories?

There’s only one way to get out of this self-destructive loop.

Find your easy business to start from home idea and start right now in the smallest way possible.

Make a commitment

✅ Write down, on a Post-It, “I will start my business on” and add an actual date. Then follow my FREE 32-Step checklist and build your 90-Day launch plan with a SMART goal. Something that’s Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant, and Time-Bound.

Starting a business from home may not be easy. Yet if it’s something you passionately want to do and you’re ready to make a BIG change to your life, what are you waiting for.

Just start.