Jobs You Can Work From Anywhere (The Top 3 Ideas)

Most people dream about travel, living in the sun and exploring exotic locations. Many spend hours searching through overseas property sites in little worlds of fantasy looking for places to live. With jobs you can work from anywhere, this fantasy can become your everyday reality. You don’t need to limited yourself to a home business. Is it really that hard to make the leap and leave the 9 to 5 behind?

Working from anywhere used to be the stuff of a small band of hard core travelers. Not anymore. The #vanlife movement has almost become mainstream and nearly 5 million Americans recently described themselves as digital nomads.

It’s time to stop dreaming and get serious. Work from anywhere is now a reality within the grasp of anyone brave enough to take the plunge…

What Jobs Can You Do From Anywhere?

With a WiFi connection and a laptop, you’re pretty much set to create your office in any location. Places like Chang Mai in Thailand have become digital nomad “go to” spots.

Affordable living costs, fast WiFi and somewhere you want to live for a while, these are the main criteria to work from anywhere. The big question is how do you make money?

Jobs you can work from anywhere
How do digital nomads make money?

Here are my top three options:

#1 Get A Remote Job

This may not be the complete freedom you crave, but there are an increasing number of companies who’ll allow you to work remotely. American Express, Dell, Amazon are just some of the businesses offering this type of opportunity.

💚 The ability to work from anywhere in this type of job is going to depend on your skill set, but employers are realising this is a terrific way for them to save money. They can get employee’s to fund their own office space. Plus remote workers have less distractions and are known to work harder.

The downside is that this is still a job. Your days will still be dictated by your employer. But a big dose of sunshine can make up for the inconvenience of an employer’s demands. Plus it’s a job and comes with a degree of security.

#2 Jobs You Can Work From Anywhere By Starting A Blog

If you’re serious about working from anywhere and gaining complete freedom, a blog is the way to go. With a blog you get to decide when and how much you work, plus you can build your blog around something you’re really passionate about.

Okay, I realise it can take a lot of hard work to get your blog covering your full living costs, but it is possible. Putting in the effort upfront can pay back with a terrific lifestyle in the long run.

There are some caveats. Not all blogs make money. If you randomly blog about your favourite film and the dress you bought at the weekend, it’s probably not going to get you anywhere.

A blog needs to provide information and answers to burning questions. It needs traffic and a means of making money. For a quick start up use a blog to sell services, anything from a Pinterest VA to online teaching.

✅ A blog is probably the only home business you can start for less than $100. I have a separate site just for beginner bloggers where you can follow my FREE start a blog guide.

There are endless ways to monetise a blog. For beginners, affiliate marketing is the best option. You can get accepted as an Amazon affiliate straightaway. It does take time to build traffic, that’s why using your blog to promote services is the best start up plan to get the money rolling in.

#3 Become A Freelancer And Work Remotely

Fiverr and Upwork are good places to start as a freelancer when you want to work from anywhere. Don’t be put off by the low prices. It’s possible to make some good money through these sites.

💚 It can depend on the type of work but it’s often possible to work from anywhere by freelancing. You’ll need the right type of skills such as web design, content writer, digital marketing, SEO and Google adwords… plus the drive to land clients and sell your services.

A downside is that sites such as Fiverr will take a cut of your earnings and the competition can be immense. You can avoid this by setting up your own blog or website and seeking out your own clients.

If you’re planning on becoming a copywriter – with so many successful blogs clamouring for good writers this is a really good option – take a look at

Finding Clients

It may be daunting to begin with. Landing your first clients is the hard part. But you can overcome this difficulty by working every contact you have. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people. So many businesses struggle to find good freelancers – you just need to convince them that you’re exactly what they need.

One approach is to offer a free introduction service. Just make sure this is your best work and you’ve done your homework. That the work you produce is relevant to your target client.

I’ve been on the receiving end of these pitches with my last business. Many were so wide of the mark it was almost insulting. Find out exactly what a client needs before you make your pitch. This way you’ll make a strong first impression.


These are just a few options for jobs to work from anywhere. Most ideas to make money online can be adjusted to suit a remote lifestyle. You just need to think about creating a productive working environment and setting up some income streams before escaping half-way round the World…

With today’s digital tools, home and the work place are very much wherever you want them to be. It’s time to stop dreaming and take action… no regrets…