Alison Wright One Tiny Biz

These are the resources I use everyday.

I can vouch for these resources for tiny business owners. I use them on the site you’re looking at right now, every single day. When I choose products to help run my business I’m always weighing up cost versus time saving.

You’ll quickly come to realise the most valuable resource you have is your time. Spending a little extra on products with terrific support is invaluable.

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WP Engine just makes life so much easier. Their support is superb and hosting includes 35 free WordPress themes to choose from. There’s one for every type of business.

It’s super fast, really lightweight and Google loves it. GeneratePress is one of the few themes getting high scores on the Google speed test tool PageSpeed Insights. That’s why I use it. There’s a terrific FREE version if you’re on a small budget.

Starting A Blog?

Take a look at the resources on my site Simply Hatch! Most of them are FREE and you can download my 12 Month Plan to become a successful blogger.

When you’re choosing resources for your tiny business, cheap isn’t always best. I try to balance time savings and performance with cost. Take hosting for example. There are lots of different options for hosting your new website.

I have an offer on my Simply Hatch site for bloggers starting at just $2.95/month. It’s a great offer – if you’re starting a side hustle. Most people starting a blog have a different mindset to business startups.

When you’re looking for hosting for a fully fledged business, just like me you probably want something better.

Tiny businesses often spend a small fortune on their websites – upwards of $10,000 is quite normal. With template designs such as the themes from StudioPress you can save yourself a big chunk of money. They come with one click installation, full documentation and support.

If you’re reasonably comfortable using computers, setting up your own website with a template theme is the way to go. I’ve saved thousands and thousands over the years being hands-on with my own websites. You only have to learn to use WordPress once!