Start A Side Hustle And Make Some Extra Money

Start a side hustle; it’s a realistic first step for most people who want to start a business. Your real goal may be to quit your day job and start a home business, but for some people that’s a big step.

Such a big step that so many never actually make the leap. Instead, they just talk about it… and talk about it… often for years…

Instead of starting a business, a side hustle is a little easier.  Something you can set up and run alongside your day job.

A way of making a bit of money on the side without leaving the security of your monthly pay check. Something you can just start with less worry about whether it will work…

Why Should You Start A Side Hustle?

There are four big reasons for starting side hustles. I’ll start off with the one that removes the stumbling block to starting a full-time business.

start a side hustle
Ready to start a side hustle?

Starting A Side Hustle

  1. The Risk Factor
  2. Side Hustles Can Make Money
  3. It Opens You Up to New Opportunities
  4. Helps You Find Out What You Really Want to Do

#1 The Risk Factor

It doesn’t take much investigation to realise that a business startup is risky. You can mitigate the risk as much as possible by pursuing a low-cost small business idea, but quitting your day job to work on a new business full-time is always going to be a big challenge.

It’s an unavoidable fact that it takes time for a business to generate an income. It’s even worse if you’re leaving a high paid job, have no savings and have a family to support. Your low-cost startup doesn’t look quite so “low-cost” when it’s replacing a full-time salary.

Enter the side hustles. Okay, it does involve working in your spare time, but these are your side hustles and you can work on them as much or as little as you want.

You’re still supported by your day job, so your risk is minimal. Instead, side hustles are a superb way to test out your business ideas.

If, for example, your aim is to start your own clothing brand, start off with the side hustle of a design blog! It would be a receptive audience for testing your design ideas.

These followers could be future customers when your brand launches. Your side hustle is your promotion network – a huge head start for a clothing company.

#2 Side Hustles Can Make Money

Let’s face it, most of us could do with some extra cash. There’s always a wicked pair of shoes you’ve got your eye on for the Christmas party season!

fashion blogger
Start a fashion blog

Giving up on your lattes isn’t really going to make much difference to your spending power. And boy, it would suck the joy out of life!

Instead of scrimping on costs, I’d choose to make more money every time. There’s no limit to the amount of money you can potentially make from side hustles at home.

If one doesn’t work out you just quietly shut it down and try something else. All you really lose out on is your time…

#3 It Opens You Up to New Opportunities

💚 Starting something new makes waves. They could just be little ripples, a few new contacts here and there. But who knows? Change makes opportunities happen.

It’s really that simple. Your blog connects with someone new. They enjoy your writing; your ideas help them solve a problem and they become regular followers.

It’s little things like this that lead to job opportunities or partnerships in a new enterprise. Ripples that become waves…

#4 It Helps You Find Out What You Really Want to Do

The great thing about side hustles at home? They’re non-committal. You can try things out. Have a bit of fun whilst your day job takes care of all the bills. If, at the end of the day, you decide your “voice coaching business” or “Italian food blog” isn’t going to take off. It doesn’t matter. You still have your day job.

It’s a good way to find out what you enjoy doing. Explore your skills and discover the life you want to lead. You may find you prefer your day job or you may decide you want to write about travel from a beach in Portugal. It’s your choice.


Blogging is one of the best side hustles I can think of. Why? Because it’s such a broad church. You can blog about anything and use it to promote everything. It’s the real deal for getting noticed.

✅ If you’re thinking about starting a blog, I have a lot of freebies on my site Simply Hatch. You can even follow my FREE start a blog guide.

Think of blogging as a medium, a conduit between you, your ideas and your customers. An essential marketing skill set that’s vital for all types of businesses.

Ready To Rock Your Side Hustle?